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QE1 Grasshopper crankcase un-machined 750
QE2 Grasshopper block un-machined 500
QE2a Grasshopper block machined 1,500
QE3 Grasshopper head aluminium un-machined 250
QE3a Grasshopper head aluminium machined 300
QE4 Grasshopper blower drive housing un-machined 75

Grasshopper tappet cover aluminium machined

QE6 Grasshopper inlet manifold with release valve un-machined 85
QE7 Grasshopper exhaust manifold un-machined 75
QE8 Grasshopper inlet and exhaust manifolds machined pair 350
QE9 Grasshopper pressure feed nosecone un-machined 85
QE10 Grasshopper pressure feed nosecone machined with fittings and starting handle 450
QE11 Grasshopper valves 8
QE12 Grasshopper double valve spring set 15
QE13 SU carb with round flange for blown engines 3 pcs un-machined TBA
QE14 SU carb with round flange for blown engines 3 pcs machined TBA
QE15 Ulster blown crankcase un-machined 750
QE16 Ulster steering box machined 150
QE17 Cozette No 4 blower castings 3 pcs un-machined 130
QE18 Cozette mounting brackets 2 pcs 20
QE20 Nippy pressure feed nosecone un-machined 85
QE20a Nippy pressure feed nosecone machined with fittings and starting handle 450
QE21 Nippy inlet manifold un-machined 85
QE22 Nippy exhaust manifold un-machined 75
QE23 Nippy inlet and exhaust manifolds machined pair 250
QE24 Nippy sump 9E full depth with fins machined 95
QE25 Brooklands timing gear covers 2 pcs un-machined 130
QE26 SUMP XL502 standard depth machined 80
QE27 SUMP XL502 standard depth with fins machined 85
QE28 ALTA aluminium cylinder head Brough Superior machined 300
QE30 Standard block un-machined TBA
QE30a Standard block machined TBA
QE31 Late cylinder head high compression machined TBA
QE32 Standard dynamo housing un-machined TBA
QE33 Rear seal mod machined with lip seal 18
QE34 Side water manifold machined TBA
QE35 Top water low comp manifold machined TBA
QE36 Top water high comp manifold machined TBA
QE37 Standard nosecone 1932 - 1934 un-machined 65
QE37a Standard nosecone 1932 - 1934 machined with lip seal 130
QE38 bronze timing gear un-machined TBA
QE38a Bronze timing gear machined TBA
QE39 Fan blade coil engine TBA
QE40 Sports bottom fan pulley wide machined 45
QE41 Rear facing starter housing un-machined 60
QE41a Rear facing starter housing machined 100
QE42 Mag engine nose with lip seal 30
QE45 Hydraulic rear back-plates aluminium 2 pcs machined 120
QE46 Hydraulic front back-plates aluminium 2 pcs machined 120
QE47 Hydraulic front large for single seater TBA
QE48 Fishtail standard Austin sports TBA
QE49 Fishtail larger size TBA
QE50 Eltos 4 speed remote gear lever 450
QE51 Eltos 3 speed remote gear lever 350
QE52 Sports radius arms 2 pcs 115
QE53 Sports track control arms 2 pcs TBA
QE54 Radius arm ball 25
QE55 Con rod cast TBA
QE56 Steering box 1927 to 1930 TBA
QE57 Sports rear shocker links 2 pcs machined 24
QE58 Front shocker arms short 2 pcs machined 20
QE59 Front shocker arms long 2 pcs machined 20
QE60 Starting handles TBA





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