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Please note all prices are NOT subject to V.A.T


We have one of the country's largest stocks of original Austin Seven spare parts. This page is intended you give you an idea of the vast stocks that we have but is by no means a complete inventory. Please give us a call for further details. Always wanted Austin 7 spares and cars, large or small quantities

Please note we have a new email address:-


Email   tony.7ca@aol.co.uk

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Back in stock after a long brake, pigsty Ulster rep exhaust manifolds. - see Home page for details

Sports slipper Pistons now back in stock - see Home page for details

A new product for us, but these are well tested. And have been supplied to many road and race cars. We only have three left at the moment after initial interest for collection at Beaulieu. I have another larger batch on order, covering many variations. So some sizes may run out before other. Pre orders to miss disappointment are welcomed. The new price will be 350 per set. As we are passing the saving of buying bulk onto our customers.


Fully reconditioned cylinder block, see block below for cost details On 57.5mm pistons. NO LINERS. Vintage block.


Fully reconditioned cylinder block, see block below for cost details 58mm NO LINERS. Lightly ported.


Fully reconditioned cylinder block, see block below for cost details 56mm Pistons and bore. Vintage block.


Fully reconditioned cylinder block, see block below for cost details


Fully reconditioned cylinder block, 
Costing list, good block      60,  Set of Pistons 180, Set of liners.   90, Set of valves. 42,  Set of guides  16, Set of springs 8
Set of collets. 14,  Set of cups.    14, Set of studs    25,  Set of cores.   1, Water manifold, gasket.      18, Derv & sundries   40
Tappets,guides, followers.  60, Labour.  340.
Total. 915

1930 engine. Comes with nosecone. Seized on Pistons.


Switch panel for coil engine cars. In good condition, for light restoration.


1931 engine. Turns freely. Ideal for Ulster rep.


Nippy camshaft. This has been altered to a hot road and trials cam in the past, by JACK FRENCH. A leading engine tuner from the past. His work is highly rated.


Set of 4 Renault rods, for 1 1/2 sports engines. With 13mm little end pins.


I have a few sets of original Renault rod shells. Standard shells. These can be used on all rods including Phoenix.

50 per set.

NEW unused old stock set of Renault rods to be used with 1 1/2 cranked sports engines.


1930 scuttle mounted petrol tank. Only fitted for a short time, these are now quite scarce. In good condition. No holes, no repairs.


15 inch sports wheel, comes with 2 new tyres.


New older made chummy hood frame. Made at Heath and Huckle. Comes with wooden peek, modern day versions of these are 650

Our price 450

Vintage Watford car clock, in good original condition and keeps good time.


Original Benjamin horn, for pre 1928 Austin 7 cars. In very good condition. No rot or rust. In good working order.


Original set of advance & retard levers for pre 1930 cars. Reconditioned. With original centre quadrant.


Austin seven NIPPY engine, sports crankcase with 1 1/2 crank and rods with high lift cam. It has had a broken crank in the past, and damaged crankcase. As shown in picture two. There is no head, sump or flywheel. Just what you see.


Set of 5 scripted centre 19 inch wheels, good centres and good rims, no holes. The spokes are labelled, 2 have one spoke missing. Two are good. One has rusty spokes. These are all the thicker 1931 type wheels.


Set of 5 x 17 inch wheels, in good condition. The tyres are 4.50 and all hold air. I wouldn't use them on the road. But very good for rolling a chassis around the workshop.

150 the set.

Sports steering wheel, these were made for racing. 15 inch wheel. The four spokes are aircraft grade aluminium. To limit flex. Sadly there will be no more made.


Austin 7 steering wheel, this has been recovered. Pic 3 shows there is a small dent. Not seen when fitted.



These patterns will make the main body and both ends of a Cozette No 4 blower. Shown in picture, as fitted to blown engine Ulsters. These patterns come with the set of castings pictured. The patterns at the moment are with the casting company we use. You can carry on using them, or take the patterns to a company of your choice.





PATTERN to make Grasshopper and Nippy/Speedy crankcases. These patterns are from Quarry Engineering. And we're proved to work by Dave Flake. The picture shows the crankcase the pattern makes. The pattern is with the casting company at the moment, you can carry on using them. Or move the pattern to a casting company of your choice.






We are selling some of our PATTERNS, this pattern will make the blown Ulster crankcase pictured. These patterns are from quarry engineering, and have been proven to work by Dave Flake.

The patterns are at the foundry. The new owner can keep using this foundry, or take the patterns to a foundry of their choice



 Pair of new older made chummy doors, complete with ash frames.


Original steering column mounted dip switch. In good condition. The three wire grub screws are in good condition.


Nippy sports crankcase. In good condition. But there are two old repairs, one on the centre cam bearing. And one at the rear of the crankcase. These can be seen in the pictures. These crankcases are now extremely rare.


 Pair of matching 15 inch sports wheels. In good condition. Need cleaning and painting.


Petrol tank pressure pump, in good working order.


Early short rad, 1922 to 1927. Original in steel, and good condition. There are some old lamp mounting holes as shown. Can easily be filled.


 2 x 14 inch sports wheels. In good condition.


Blown Ulster engine. this is a replica blown Ulster engine. Made in the mid 1980s by Stuart Rolt. And was used in our original blown Ulster for a 
couple of short years. Before the car was stripped for rebuild. The car is being rebuilt now after all these year with its original engine. So I no longer have any 
need for the engine shown. Stuart Rolt is well renown in the Austin 7 world. The engine has a pressure fed Alan crank, and runs on a replica Cozette No4 blower. 
It is dirty from long term dry storage. And has been regularly turned over. I did notice two of the race boys sold there blown engines last year at 15,000. Our 
engine is SOLD


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