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Please note all prices are NOT subject to V.A.T


We have one of the country's largest stocks of original Austin Seven spare parts. This page is intended you give you an idea of the vast stocks that we have but is by no means a complete inventory. Please give us a call for further details. Always wanted Austin 7 spares and cars, large or small quantities

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Magneto engine bottom end. In good condition. With matching numbered timing gear casings.


Pre 1930 sand cast crankcase. So ideal Ulster rep, VSCC etc. Has been cleaned and in good condition. Needs around 5 helicoils.


1 1/2 SU carb. In good un-restored condition.


Magneto engine bottom end. Looks in good restorable condition. Comes with flywheel and sump not shown in pictures.


 Mag engine crankcase. With Matching numbered front timing casings. There it a cut out In the mag seat, not detrimental to its use.


2 new old stock girling brake drums. To fit late 1938 Austin 7 and all BIG 7s. Probably made by Regent or Remax.

90 each.

Small vintage toolroll, full of mag spanners. Ideal for an early 7.


Fully reconditioned block. Cleaned, machined, and crack tested. All new pistons valves etc. Linered on 57mm (+40) bores.


New old stock 6 volt wiper motor.


PA speedo, in working order. But bearings have jumped, and needle sits on 10mph when in car.


12 volt early CAV cut-out. Aluminium cover.


Set of 4, 1 1/2 inch conrods for Nippy and Ulster.


1 1/4 inch SU carb. In good condition for light restoration, no damage


Wilmot Breadon calorimeter. For light cars. Correct for pre 1934 Austin 7. Comes with accessories wings.


SB5 cut-out fitted to 1934 / 1935 Austin 7s. In excellent condition.


 Pair of vertical mounted headlamps. For light restoration, with new fluted glass. Ideal Nippy or Ulster special.


Original 1924 to 1926 bonnet. In good used condition.


Brake and clutch levers.
Clutch lever 3 speed gearbox - 25
Clutch lever 4 speed gearbox - 20
Brake lever chummy - 25
Brake lever 1930s, - 25
Brake lever late - 25

 Austin big 7, set of pistons. Plus .40 thou. New old stock.


Pair of hydraulic faceplate and fittings for rear axle of the Austin 7.


DS4 distributor. In very nice condition. For early coil engines cars.


Austin BIG 7 new old stock. Halfshaft for heavy axles.


Steel windscreen surround for 1930 to 1932 saloons. Being made in steel, usually rot as quike as anything. And this one is in very good condition NO ROT or rust. The rarest screen surround you can find in good condition.

Vintage Watford car clock, in good original condition and keeps good time.




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