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We have one of the country's largest stocks of original Austin Seven spare parts. This page is intended you give you an idea of the vast stocks that we have but is by no means a complete inventory. Please give us a call for further details. Always wanted Austin 7 spares and cars, large or small quantities

Please note we have a new Used Parts 2 page

Complete rolling chassis and engine etc for a 1934 Austin 7. it comes with a V5c registered in my name, the chassis and engine is as it was left 40 years ago, all parts turn free, engine, gearbox, axles etc. and both engine and chassis numbers match the V5c. It comes with front wings and doors if needed. Its very rare to find these unmolested, so a special can be built for the road or track. also the VSCC can be shown it is not a running car that's been altered for their use. Very important if you want to do trials.



Crown wheel and pinion 5.125 matching pair in good unworn condition.


New old stock halfshaft for long wheel base cars.


Zenith FZ22b carb and inlet. In good condition. With no damage.


ORIGINAL Ulster and Grasshopper front axle beam. This is a late sports axle with the support castings for the radius arms. This is an original Ulster axle. But if you drill the support holes it becomes a Grasshopper axle. There is corrosion around one axle eye. But it is still plenty strong enough to use. Or can be built up. See pics. Originals rarely come up for sale.


Reverse facing type starter crankcase. Has been cleaned, and is in good condition with no cracks.


RUBY steering wheel, bound in grey cord. For a sports look.


RUBY steering wheel in white cord. For sports look.


RUBY steering wheel, in black cord. For a sports look.


Dynamo end fitted with REV counter drive.


 4 speed crash gearbox top. In good condition, no repairs.


1932 to 1934 nose cone. This is the 6 3/4 inch for engines with 4 speed gearbox. The engine was moved forward 1/2inch. This has been cleaned to show there are no cracks or repairs. The dog inside is chipped. But easily ground a bit deeper to hold starting handle shaft.


4 speed gearbox top and lever, in good condition. No repairs.


NEW ALTA aluminium cylinder heads. 45% plugs.


NEW Grasshopper aluminium head.


Unused older made, NEW REAR HUB OUTERS. These were made 25 years ago for a friends rag single seater. Made as a batch. But over 25 years they have never had to be replaced. So the rest of the batch are being sold. Made in EN24T. As shown. They have been greased years ago.

110 each or 200 a pair.

From the latest batch of Hadley cranks. Is a new fully counterbalanced pressure fed crank. I have THREE for sale, we only get the chance to have a batch made every 4 to 5 years. So once sold out, there will be another long wait.


NEW set of 1 1/2 Hadley rods. They come with a new set of shells. Again we only have 3 sets, and they are rarely made.


NEW made cylinder block for the Austin 7. From our patterns. This one is 56.00 mm bore size. And standard valves. These have been fitted to everything in the past from standard road cars to the best known race cars.
We can supply everything to fit to these. But 56.00mm pistons will be back in stock in September.
In the autumn we will be having a batch of 10 made, so will be taking orders. This one is for sale NOW. But once sold we will take orders.
Picture 2, is exactly the same. But the inlet valves are O/S to 29mm.

Pre orders  only

New old stock from John Platts. Pair of chummy, pre 1928 chassis rear extensions.


New old stock from John Platts. Sunroof front ash panel, I think these are ruby. But could be RP saloon. Check measurement in picture.


12 volt early CAV cut-out. Aluminium cover.


Austin BIG 7 new old stock. Halfshaft for heavy axles.




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