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Reconditioned dynamo housing.


New stopwatch timer set of 3, in dash mounting case. So stop watches can be started and stopped one at a time or all together.


Nose cone, shortened for sports engine.


Dynamo end, machined and fitted with rev counter drive.


Pair of CAV chummy headlamps. For restoration.


4 speed crash gearbox, good condition. Selects all gears.


 Pair of Lucas 510 chummy headlamps. In good condition, with some dents.


Rear axle, shortened to fit short wheel base cars and restored by previous owner. All in good condition.


Cambridge aluminium cylinder head. The hard to find type with large fins. In very good condition.


19 inch scripted centre wheel, this is a rear 7 inch brake with flat sides to the rim. Fitted 1926. Both the centre and rim are in very good condition, with clear script. There is one broken spoke.


Mag crankcase, with cam. And oil pump still fitted. In good condition. Good front flange, good threads. No cracks found.


19 inch wheel with scripted centre. The centre has a good clear script. And the rim is solid. There are 2 spiked missing.


3 bearing crankcase, number 284228. With centre main, crank, and pump fitted. In good condition. Good front lip, mainly good threads, and no cracks found.


Original coil engine fan blade. In very good condition, painted ready to go.


Ruby bonnet bars, early type 1935 to 1938. And the rear hidden hinge type made September 1938. In good condition.

25 each

Cast iron long nosecone. Probably for military engine. In good condition.

50 each

Cast iron short nosecone, probably for military engine, in excellent condition. The only one I've ever had.



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