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Original coil engine fan blade. In very good condition, painted ready to go.


Ruby bonnet bars, early type 1935 to 1938. And the rear hidden hinge type made September 1938. In good condition.

25 each

4 position ignition switch. In good condition with key.


Original rear spring U bolt and plate. Price 15.00 each. Also original front spring U bolt.

10 each.

4 position ignition switch. 1 - 2 - side - head? In good condition. Choice of two.

45 each.

12 volt cutout in good working order.


3 speed gearbox with lever. Gears are clean, and it selects all gears. This has not been tested on a car. So it is sold without guarantees. The ball on the lever has corrosion but it is rare to get a complete lever.


Chassis nose piece. This is the early type for cars 1926 to 1934. Ideal for building up a short wheelbase chassis.


Pair of mark one ruby, rear wings. In very good condition for originals. Just need a couple of small repairs.


 Number of 2 inch speedos to fit cars 1933 to 1938. These all need some work. Mainly the input drive is stiff or frozen.

20 each.

Number of 2 inch MAGMO cylinder type speedos. These all need some work.

25 each.

Number of ignition lights. These all have fitting clips and springs.

10 each.

Number of ignition lights, these have NO fitting clip and spring. But can be held in with a jubilee clip behind the dash.

7.50 each.

Number of dash switches.

5 each

Number of trafficator switches.


Deep dish steering wheel 1923 to 1928. It's in good condition, a couple of patches of the covering need attention.


Shallow dish steering wheel. We have 2 of these, in very good condition. Just need small attention to coverings.

100 each

Cast iron long nosecone. Probably for military engine. In good condition.

50 each

Cast iron short nosecone, probably for military engine, in excellent condition. The only one I've ever had.


 3 bearing crankcase, with centre main bearing. In good condition.




1928 bottom end engine. In good condition. Sand cast case ideal Ulster or VSCC.






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